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  • Easy! No HTML knowledge needed
  • Use with your own domain name and hosting account!
  • Control all of your website's content and design thru the skinAsite Control Panel
  • Easily add backgrounds, images, change colors, fonts, layout, etc.
  • Save your entire design as one skin file!
  • Sell or share skins with other skinAsite users
  • Download and install new skins with a few clicks
skinAsite is a program that enables artists and musicians to design very creative and stunning websites without any programming knowledge. The design can be highly customized to create a website with a one of a kind look. The amazing new concept of skinAsite is that it allows you to save your entire website's design as one skin file! Install a new skin to instantly create a new look for your website. The site's content automatically adapts to fit the new skin. Skins can be traded, bought, and sold on the skinAsite website. Submit your own creations on the skins page. Read more...
Apply skins with a click!...

Any part of a skin can be modified to create your own custom look! Plus ... use skinAsite with your own hosting account! This means tons of space for your site!
Tour the demo sites and their control panels...
The demo sites show examples of different skins applied to the same website content.

Pro features.
Extremely fast loading.
High reliability.
Time tested and proven.
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